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Most innovative technology and its optimized use according to user profile is the main service offered by this international design office headquartered in Berlin. Based on interdisplinary synergies coming from architecture, industrial design, economics, Lighting psychology, and electric engineering, the key for the success of Lichtraeume is their conviction that technology must be advanced to the point of optimization for daily use.

Project types

Service Center – Office – Clinic – Hotel Light Furniture – Furniture – Art – Kitchen – Club Shop – Spa – Lobby – Event



LED – Leuchtmitteln


Branding – Strategy – CI Lighting – Industrial Design – Interior Design – Art and Graphics – Workplace lighting – HCL – Human centric lighting – Happy Places: Design + Psychology


More than light design …

Emotion Centered Design

Connecting hearts with places

Workplace lighting

The ELI© Lichtraeume system model – Excellent lighting intelligence – delivers customized and dynamic lighting solutions

Lighting Design & Architectural Lighting

Illuminate is a creative act. Our LED lighting systems are architecture-related elements with a high standard of handicraft and consistent design to the last detail


Next Level Customizing through our lighting elements: GOTO® and ELI®

Corporate Light

Light for corporate presentation and branding

Say Hello!


kontakt[at] lichtraeume [dot] com


+49 30 27 590 875


+49 30 27 590 877

Cooperations und Investments:

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